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Bill is a skilled security leader with over 25 years of extensive experience in corporate security management. As a former practitioner, he has worked to create and develop several security programs and departments from the ground up with a focus on developing his skills in the areas of Security Technology, Security Operations, Physical Security and Project Management. He is board certified in security management as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) from ASIS International.

Leveraging his real-world experience, Bill successfully consulted in various environments, such as, multi-campus, high-profile high-rise, high value targets, critical facilities, and hyperscale data centers.

The Durso Group (TDG) combines decades of experience in security, making it well versed in executing diverse and complex projects in a non-affiliated, independent, and agnostic manner.

Our Approach

Assess & Plan

Advise and assess in creating a well-rounded security program where the traditional security consultants may have little experience with implementing technology

Design & Implement

Provide security advise where integrators may be asked to do so, but may not be equipped to provide from assessment to commissioning

Security Director as a Service

Bridge the gap between companies and organizations that have little to no expertise in security processes, procedures and or security operations

Security Negligence & Premises Liability

To provide expert analysis and testimony services for various clients around the globe

Case Studies

Erie International Airport Tom Ridge Field

Regional-Sized International Airport

Project Overview:

Erie International Airport Tom Ridge Field (Northwestern Pennsylvania) supports regional service for various airlines. Travelers with flights originating at this airport can clear TSA security for final and international destinations. The airport was looking to attract more fliers by expanding service beyond the Midwestern cities to which it currently offers direct flights.

The Challenge:

As one of the nation’s smaller international airports, it has fewer staff to deliver the levels of security that are requisite; therefore, a complete security technology upgrade would enable systems, and security personnel, to operate more efficiently. The airport also sought to deploy an enhanced identity management, worker credentialing system, and fully integrated their new Exit Lane system.

The Resolution:

TDG oversaw the managing of the upgrade of all electronic security systems throughout the airport. These include access control, video surveillance, intercom and intrusion detection systems, SOC upgrades as well as the HID SAFE for Aviation credentialing system. The upgraded security infrastructure and integrated security technologies provide enhanced security facility-wide as well as a superior experience for travelers and workers who frequent the airport.

CME Center

High-Profile Commercial Real Estate

Project Overview:

CME Center, home to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, occupies a full city block in Chicago’s West Loop. It comprises two skyscrapers at 10 and 30 South Wacker, connected by lower-level retail space and lobbies. Its premium, commercial office space offers panoramic, 360-degree views and convenient access to public transportation and underground parking. A new wave of redevelopment included a complete update of lobbies, elevators, and retail concourse that includes modernized security technologies.

The Challenge:

A major renovation to the buildings’ ground floor provided the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive reassessment of the property’s security vulnerabilities and implement corresponding security measures. Solutions would need to enhance security and operational efficiencies while improving the experience for tenants entering and leaving the buildings.

The Resolution:

The buildings’ security was updated with new lobby turnstiles, along with access control, and video management systems. The existing visitor management system and separate elevator control systems in each tower were seamlessly integrated to work with the new access control software. Upgrades were completed to expand camera coverage and intercoms throughout the parking levels with all solutions being monitored through a unified interface within the property’s renovated Security Operations Center.

Country Club Plaza from above

Mixed-Use Lifestyle Center

Project Overview:

Country Club Plaza (The Plaza), known for its old-world architecture, fashionable shopping, distinctive dining, entertainment, artwork, and nightlife, is a 15-block, 55-acre property just south of downtown Kansas City. Privately owned and managed, as part of a 50-50 joint venture between The Taubman Company and The Macerich Company, it is the largest shopping and lifestyle area in the Midwest. Approximately 15 million people visit it annually.

The Challenge:

Disparate, outdated analog systems were in place across the large property, making it difficult for security teams and the Kansas City Police Department to leverage them when needed. Recorded video of incidents were difficult to pinpoint and access.

The Resolution:

TDG oversaw the design, managed the renovation and upgrade of the video surveillance system and cameras, and the intercom communications across the entire property. In addition, the Security Operations Center, from which centralized management of all security systems occurs, was modernized to take advantage of integrated software and a unified security management platform.

Hallway of a hyperscale data center

Hyperscale Data Centers

Project Overview:

Meta has built data centers throughout the US to help enable billions of people around the world to connect every day. Meta’s fleet of data centers powers apps and services, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Oculus and WhatsApp. In 2011, they opened the first Meta-owned and -operated data center and since then their fleet has grown to 17 U.S. data centers, 13 of which are currently serving traffic.

The Challenge:

The client was requesting that their security design teams expedite their abilities to concurrently design and engineer site wide electronic security systems for the purposes of accelerating the design window, become more efficient in design to finalize equipment faster to get orders placed due to supply chain delays across all active sites in eight states.

The Resolution:

Having overseen this client’s portfolio from late 2021 to end of 2022, we better utilized the client’s Master Design Documents, improved communications with all design disciplines, increased designer and production staff headcount, and expedited the onboarding and training process that better met the needs of the client.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Glenn Blumenfeld


Tactix Real Estate Advisors, LLC, Philadelphia, PA

Bill was our primary client contact at Nutrisystem in a 120,000sf corporate headquarters lease involving a consolidation and move. We could not have pulled off this complex transaction without Bill’s tireless efforts and collaboration. From vendor and location selection, to defining corporate space needs and design, and then tenant build-out and move in, Bill was a tenacious advocate for Nutrisystem throughout the entire process. Simply put, Bill gets things done the right way, on time and on budget.

John Kapp

Senior Property Manager,

Tishman Speyer, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago IL

At CME, Tishman Speyer was about to embark on a large-scale dual lobby and ground floor renovation. We recognized the need to upgrade all electronic security systems throughout the building in conjunction with this renovation. In doing so, we added turnstiles with destination dispatch, we upgraded and fully integrated our SOC, and upgraded our video surveillance systems.

Bill was the lead security consultant and Project Manager for these security enhancements, he bridged the gap between building owner, integrator, and security operations in making sure the project, the upgrades and the integrations were implemented to the highest level.

Derek Martin

Executive Director,

Erie International Airport, Erie, PA

At Erie International Airport, we received grant funding for security enhancements throughout the airport. We needed a plan to prioritize our investments in the facility and guide us through design, construction, and implementation. Bill was able to walk us through the process of security technology testing, work closely with the Erie Airport Police in determining their operational needs, and oversee project upgrades, integrations and commissioning of all ESS systems and Exit Lane modernization. This project finished ahead of schedule and was under budget during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Bill was instrumental in guiding the project through completion using his skills, knowledge, and expertise.

David Marks

President & CEO,


Bill, thank you for supporting our hyperscale data center client through tremendous growth these past couple of years. Your leadership, project management skills, attention to detail, teamwork, and overall can-do attitude have allowed us, the project teams, and our clients to succeed. Deploying millions of square feet of space across the U.S. is no small feat. Thank you!

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